About MIC

“A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts support each other.” The Prophet then clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced while saying that.” (Bukhari) He also said: “The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body. When one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.” (Bukhari and Muslim)
Community is such an integral aspect of Muslim life and culture.

Through Hadiths and Quranic verses, Islam continuously points to the need for human connection and how valuable it is for our mental and emotional wellness. The simple fact that our salah is recommended to be performed in congregation serves to prove the ultimate pillar of community.


At Mansfield Islamic Center, we are one big connected family where we strive to create a sense of connectedness and unity for our brothers and sisters in Arlington, Texas.


Our mission is to actively promote a healthy Muslim lifestyle through fostering community and unity, providing Islamic studies, caring for the needy, and ultimately bringing love and joy to everyone around us.


We envision Mansfield Islamic Center to be the heart of our Muslim community here in Arlington, Texas where we aren’t just a space for congregation, but a home for Islamic education and a family for anyone who walks in.